The Wine Lovers’ Guide to Investing


Savoring a vintage wine is one of life’s great pleasures. But often overlooked in the joy of consumption is the carefully calibrated journey from grape to glass. Similar levels of care are critical to good investment outcomes. Wine Lover’s Guide to Investing

Why Should You Diversify ?


Equity markets have experienced a sharp decline to start 2016, leading some investors to reevaluate their asset allocation. As US stocks have outperformed developed ex US and emerging markets stocks over the last few years, some investors might consider reevaluating the benefits of investing outside the US. Why Should You Diversify

2016: 10 Predictions to Count On

The New Year is a customary time to speculate. In a digital age, when past forecasts are available online, market and media professionals find it harder to hide their blushes when their financial predictions go awry. But there are ways around that. Ten Predictions to Count On

The Patience Principle

Global markets are providing investors a rough ride at the moment, as the focus turns to China’s economic outlook. But while falling markets can be worrisome, maintaining a longer-term perspective makes the volatility easier to handle. Download PDF

Gravel Road Investing

gravel road

Owners of all-purpose motor vehicles often appreciate their cars most when they leave smooth city freeways for rough gravel country roads. In investments, highly diversified portfolios can provide similar reassurance. Read More: Gravel Road Investing

Will the US growth continue?

  The American economy has finally found some solid footing for growth after 6 years of questionable economic stimulus.  The combination of perpetually low interest rates and a wide open money spigot from the Federal Reserve has finally produced positive economic growth.  While the economic growth of the rest of the world is temporarily stagnating, … Read more

Heat of the Fire

Investors can prepare for future market volatility by revisiting their experience from past market declines. Brad Steiman discusses the value of conducting a “financial fire drill” and offers portfolio illustrations to help set client expectations. [intense_button link=”” target=”_blank” title=”Download PDF” color=”#036937″ icon=”file-pdf-o”]Download ‘Heat of the Fire'[/intense_button]

The unusual continues…as usual

The movement of the Dow and S&P stock indexes would lead one to believe the economy is doing great one day then collapsing the next.  We have seen volatility in this particular area of the equity markets like never before.  Any good news on the economy leads to a down day.  The reverse is true … Read more

Rate Expectations

Download as PDF Interest rates around the world are at historic lows. They can only go in one direction from here, right? And aren’t rising interest rates bad for bond investors? The truth might surprise you. Central banks in developed economies have injected extraordinary stimulus into the system since the recession arising from the global … Read more

Simplicity & Sophistication

Download as PDF Complexity in investing often comes with a lack of transparency. The highly engineered and multilayered financial derivatives that contributed to the global financial crisis five years ago are a case in point. For many investors, these products were problematic because their complexity was such that it was very difficult to understand how … Read more