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How is CFG unique? 

  1. Client-Centric Approach

Fostering an environment where our clients have a piece of mind about their financial affairs through a goals-based planning approach.

  1. Goal Elicitation Methology

Seeks to address the ambiguity in the goal setting process. Most people people either don’t know their goals or have changing goals over time. How should that be incorporated into a plan?

  1. Dynamic Investment Policy Statement

Allows for flexibility as goals, priorities, and investment preferences shift throughout the phases of the investment journey.

  1. Personal Inflation Rate

Planning is tailored to address the risks facing each individual by calculating customized inflation rates for each client.

  1. Duration-Based Portfolio Construction

Methodology targets a client’s objective, risk, and time left until they reach their goal, allowing for the consideration of issues that often impact outcomes. CarsHome

  1. Portfolio Mapping

Through an innovative, goals-based planning software, our mapping of goals to portfolios is seamless, connecting an investor’s financial plan with their investment portfolio.

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