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Getting Started

Below is a list of paperwork that needs to be completed and basic rules on account transfers that should help you simplify your transition. Feel free to contact us should you have any additional questions.

Required Paperwork and Data Forms

Client Data Form – Located in the Worksheets section of your binder. Please complete all fields and either fax or mail back. The client data form is used to generate compliance and account forms that will need to be signed.

Goal Setting, and Risk Assessment, and Budget Forms – the remaining forms found in the Worksheets section of your binder. These forms are used as a foundation for the plans that we generate together. These can also be faxed or mailed back upon completion.

New Account Forms and Compliance

e Paperwork – Please sign all paperwork where indicated. Some forms may require initials. Please be sure to complete all highlighted areas. Please return all original paperwork.

Asset Transfers

Transfer of Assets Paperwork – If you are transferring accounts from another firm, please sign the Transfer of Assets Form(s) on page 2 where indicated. Please be sure to include a recent statement for the account(s) being transferred. Account statements must be less than 90 days old. They should also include the account registration, account number(s), date the statement was issued, and a listing of the account’s assets. Please return all original Transfer of Assets paperwork with the new account forms and compliance paperwork you may have been given.

What should you expect time wise? Establishing a new account generally takes about 24 hours. Account transfer times can vary depending on the type of transfer. Accounts such as annuities and mutual funds generally take about two weeks. Brokerage to brokerage transfers generally take 3-5 business days.

Additional Considerations

When closing or transferring an account from another firm, please keep in mind that some firms charge account closing fees. Fees can vary from firm to firm, so please check with your old firm should you have any questions.

Asset transfers must occur within “like” to “like” account registrations (i.e. IRA to IRA, 529 to 529, etc.).

Assets that are not held on the NFS platform must be liquidated at the holding firm and transferred as cash to the receiving firm.

401k and employment sponsored retirement plan transfer processes can vary. While some plans require that paperwork be completed, others will initiate the transfer over the phone. Please contact the H.R. department or plan manager of your previous employer to get your transfer started. Funds are generally liquidated and a check is distributed into your IRA for 401k/retirement plan rollovers. Checks can be mailed to 2443 Morgantown Road, Suite 103, Reading, PA 19607.